Heritage Marine

Heritage Marine, Duluth's newest tug operation, founded in 2007, is headquartered in Knife River, Minnesota, while its fleet and support services are located in Duluth, MN and Superior, WI. Our towing operations are centered in the Twin Ports area, however, our tugs will service Lake Superior and more.

We have experience in ship, barge, dredge, etc. handling and our superior ice breaking service is proven to be second to no commercial operation in the area. Heritage Marine owns and operates at this time, three tugs, Nels J [103 ft.. 2200hp.] Edward H [86ft. 1200hp.] Helen H. 90ft. 2000hp.] All vessels are properly equipped for towing with the latest line and fittings and hulls that continually outperform our competition and have proven to stand up to the toughest winters giving Heritage Marine a positive presence in the Great Lakes.

We are proud of our family's maritime history going back more than six generations with Shipmasters, Chief Engineers, commercial fishermen deck personal and shore side support people. Currently we have three generations of family working to give Heritage Marine a positive track record on the Great Lakes.

Our tugs are very well maintained and upgraded constantly for fuel economy with medium flow/low smoke injection, hull ice plating and fendering that protects the customers equipment and our vessels. Our company is totally family owned has no formal debt, and will continue to have no formal debt.

Since 2007, the year we formally started business, we have made large personal investment into vessels, equipment, facilities with the belief that shipping isn't dead on the Great Lakes and especially in the Twin Ports of Duluth/Superior. We live and work in a wonderful area, great workforce, unequalled railhead,and in the greatest country in the world. What could be greater than building a business that you can work shoulder to shoulder with your sons and your grandsons on Lake Superior???

Michael Ojard Capt..